Investing is a financial method that provides the possibility of gaining a huge amount of profit. Individuals can choose from a wide list of investments present in the market, all of which offer a gateway towards gaining money. However, investing can be a little tricky, particularly for those who do not have sufficient information on how investing works and how their investments will benefit them in the future. OCBC Bank in Malaysia offers the best mutual fund in Malaysia, giving you security with your finances as you invest with different investments.

OCBC Banks’s Unit Trusts

Malaysian bank: OCBC offers a mutual fund service they call: Unit Trusts, which is a pool of money that is meticulously managed collectively by professional fund managersand is open for every investor who is looking for a secure investment. Investors who are going to buy units into the trust will have their money pooled with that of their investors; their money will be invested in accordance with the unit trust’s objectives.

It’s the easiest method of investing your money with legal and 100% secured investments, for individuals who are new to investing and are having a hard time choosing the best investment. This is as OCBC Bank’s Unit Trusts will allow the client to invest into one of their investment funds, and help them find the best investment opportunities present in the said investment fund.

For example, if a client invested in a China fund, the fund manager will then invest the client’s money by tapping into the various investment opportunities in China. This does not only give the investor the efficiency but also helps them find the best investments with less effort.

Investment Options

OCBC Bank offers their clients and customers a variety of ways to invest through their Unit Trusts’ service. Clients and customers can choose from a Lump sum investment, which is a one-time investment on a fund which provides an advantage of the underlying market. You can also choose their OCBC Stabilizer Program, which offers a systematic investment service that scatters your one-time unit trust investment amount in over 6 months or a 12-month period.

For those who want to play it safe, OCBC Bank also offers their Monthly Investments service, which allows clients and customers to make a regular investment from as low as 100RM per month, eliminating possible risks the investor might handle in the future.


OCBC Bank’s Unit Trusts service provides their clients and customers a set of benefit and assistance which will support them with their investment. The bank’s Unit Trusts’ service provides Professional management, Diversification, Economies of scale, and Tap to inaccessible markets.


With their wide list of Fund Houses, OCBC Bank guarantees a 100% rate of success in obtaining the best investment that will increase the value of your mutual fund in Malaysia, giving each client and customer the ease and efficiency, as well as the extreme security of their money.