You don’t think much while selecting wallpaper for your newly bought smartphone or your tablet. You think it is an easy task. But wait, you may be wrong. Surprised!! Yes, the changing of the wallpaper or the selection of colored smartphone wallpaper can be a difficult job sometimes. Setting wallpapers to the mobile phones or tablets is simply depends on personal choices. You must be wondering what the tough jobs regarding the selection of wallpaper. But you need to know some necessary specification of your mobile phone. Choosing a color wallpaper for an android phone or an iPhone should be followed by the latest trends and indeed keeping in mind all the important specifications of the device.

The resolution of your device is very important. When you are going to look for wallpapers for your phone, you should know the actual resolution of the screen. Though it seems simple to think about, actually it is a bit complicated. A wallpaper will fit perfectly with your screen depending on the device quality, the operating system your device has, settings of your device and there are other factors also.

Here we are discussing all the factors related to the android phones. The devices use Android OS, varies broadly on the resolution issue. But you can find the actual resolution of your phone from the feature settings of the device. If you have multiple home screens the wallpaper gets scrolled side-to-side while swiping the home screen. So, you have to set the width of the resolution to the double. Then you will get a perfect color wallpaper that looks apt on the swiping screen.

If you have iPhone, you also can get the idea about the actual resolution from your phone. For iOS 7, you can have the advantages of parallax. What does that mean? It simply means you can add almost 200 pixels to the resolution of your screen and then you will get the wallpaper which will look perfect on your multiple moving home screens.

From where will you get wallpaper for your device?

There are different websites and applications from where you can choose colorful high-resolution wallpapers. Most of the androids phones have a specific link set to the device to download different wallpapers. There are other options where you can create your own wallpaper with your favorite picture chosen from the gallery. The same rule applies to the tablets, laptops and your desktops too. Normally, desktops and laptops have big screen sizes. So, you can set any arbitrary wallpaper on the screens of these devices.