Family law are generally concerned with domestic relations and family related matters such as marriage, child custody/abduction, adoption, guardianship, domestic abuse, surrogacy, civil union, etc. Every state has its own set of family law which may sometimes affect your family and your rights. Family attorneys represent clients who want to seek divorce, legal separation, and the complication that may arise during these procedures. Some of the family attorneys are skilled enough to handle domestic abuse cases, although it’s a criminal offense as they are entangled with other family law issues.

There are some top family attorneys in Houston who have been handling family law cases since years now and have relatable good experience and reputation.

Kimberly Michelle Player Washington-

She is originally from Louisiana and has graduated cum laude from Thurgood Marshall School of law. Her areas are family law, divorce, and domestic violence. She is an attorney in the Law office of Bryan Fagan and is associated with the State Bar of Texas since 2008.

Houston Family law attorney

  1. Bryan Joseph Fagan-

Bryanarea of practice is divorce, family law and criminal law. He worked in the Law Office of Wesley Hocker where his duty included drafting contracts, reviewing contracts, performing legal research, and investigation, courthouse research and investigation, conducting research, etc. He is presently working as an attorney in the Law Office of Bryan Fagan where his duty is more or less same as that was in his previous company.

  1. Amir Tavakkoli-

He is the founder of the firm and was the vice president of his law school class and graduated from Summa Cum Laude. His legal and political experiences include working with Judge Kyle Carter in the 125th Harris Country Civil Courthouse, US, and the Houston Bar Association. He has successfully tried judge and jury cases in family, criminal and civil matters. His practice areas include personal injury, family law, criminal law, divorce.

  1. MacKenzie Alexander Dunham-

He is one of the most experienced litigators who believes that everyone should have access to affordable legal help during the time of need. He is very passionate about serving those who don’t have access to affordable attorney and prior to founding Access Justice, Houston MacKenzie worked at a Houston consumer law firm dedicated to protecting the rights of his client from deceptive trade practices and scams. His area of practice is divorce, family law, criminal law, consumer law, landlord tenant. He has worked as a Senior Law Clerk in Blackwell and Haag and is now currently working in Access Justice, Houston as an Executive Justice and Staff Attorney.

These are some of the Houston Family Law attorney that have a rating of 10 out of 10, although the list does not end here.