Why having an all-in-one laptop can be handy

There are people who like to have a wide variety of gadgets: a smartphone, tablet, digital camera, laptop and so on. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could combine all of these gadgets into one and the same device? Lenovo is at least trying to do that with their Yoga Lenovo. You can read honest reviews of Lenovo here. But what are the benefits of having an all-in-one laptop?

Used as Laptop

Naturally, the laptop works just like any other laptop. You can use the small computer to browse the internet, type documents and, if the computer is fast enough, play a game. The more expensive the laptop is, the more programs that it supports.

Light and Handy

One of the benefits of a hybrid laptop compared to a regular laptop is that an all-in-one laptop is often smaller and lighter than a regular laptop. Therefore, these little computers are easy to put in your bag/backpack and carry with you. That is a nice option for students that want to be able to make notes in class or for businessmen and businesswomen who have some work to do during flexible working hours. If you work with art design computers, we would advise you to look for a laptop that has a bit more storage and overall power because not every all0in-one tablets will be able to pull that off. But these all-in-one laptops do exist. You just need to find it.

read honest reviews of Lenovo here

Separate Tablet

The biggest benefit of an all-in-one laptop is that you can use the screen and display as a tablet. You can remove the keyboard or fold the keyboard underneath the screen to activate the tablet mode. Then, you can use the laptop as a tablet. Like any other laptop, it’s possible to download apps and use the touchscreen option to open and manage them. You can play app games, browse the internet or listen to music. There is a whole lot of apps that can be downloaded, so it’s up to you to decide what your laptop should be able to do.

Tablet as E-reader

If you like reading on your tablet and don’t want to deal with a separate e-reader, then there is another benefit to an all-in-one laptop. If you remove the keyboard, it works just like a regular e-reader. Some of them even have the option to change the screen settings to the version an e-reader uses. There are apps that can do that for you or perhaps there is an option on the tablet itself.

Downsides of an All-In-One Laptop

A laptop cannot work like a smartphone, so you will still need a smartphone if you want to be call and be called. That is the downside of every laptop and tablet. You will still be able to receive messages as long as you use an online message service and the laptop is connected to the internet, but calling is mostly not an option that a laptop provides. That means that you will have to carry two gadgets with you anyway.

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