You have come to a point where you have to buy a new car. A used car in particular. You already did searching for the right car that fits your driving skills and your budget also.

You have already considered the marketplace as well, and you are finished shopping around. Buying a used car is a big gamble for money that is totally worth every penny, however, that does not necessarily come to that point knowing that there are tons of ways to ensure yourself that you are buying the best-used car there is.

To help you achieve peace of mind, here are the five most important tips that you should follow to ensure that you buy a reliable and well-conditioned used car or visit cars com.

 Thoroughly inspect the exterior and interior parts of the car

Just by doing this kind of checking you can already determine if the car has already worn and torn and from this, we can already tell the condition of the car. The interior will also speak for itself on how its previous owner treats it. Always pop up the hood and thoroughly check the engine if there are any loose screws or wires or any dust or rust developed inside the engine because this is how it indicates that whether the car is in good or in bad condition.

Request for a test drive

We should proactively request the car dealer to take the car for a test drive for an hour or two. Take the car in the expressway to test if the engine can still perform and respond optimally under pressure. This is also to determine if the steering, transmission, and breaks of the car are still in good condition.

Look for any possible leaks

A car that has leakage in its engine needs to be repaired immediately because this can cause more damage to the car. Always check if the car has leaking during a test drive by parking it safely somewhere. If there’s a black substance leaking, that might be motor oil, if it is green than it might be its coolant or if the fluid is pink then it is from its transmission.

 Hire a mechanic to inspect the car

There is no better way to thoroughly and expertly inspect a used car than a mechanic does. Bring in some mechanic if you are willing to pay him just to be with you while scouting for a used car. They are the ones that can tell if the car is worth our money or not. They have the eyes to see if there are any hidden damages in the car or you are forced to donate a car because of tons of issues after you purchased it. 

Look for a vehicle history report

Lastly, the most important thing you should find is the vehicle history report which tells the entire background of the car coming from its first owner. You can get a vehicle history report from either CarFax or CarGurus that will provide you a thorough copy of the car’s vehicle history report to determine if it has an accident history or not.