When it comes to preparing data for future analysis, it is essential to have a clean excel data table. Based on the origin of data, you might require doing some of these steps to assure that the excel data cleaning are as reliable and widespread as possible.

Initially, you should delete the unwanted rows and columns. These could be either blank rows and columns or indeed any additional rows and columns of data that you do not need. This step is very simple to do by simply highlighting the rows/ columns and hit a delete button.

Now, you resize your rows and columns. Sometimes, you can see a cell full of ### signs and you simply double click a column letter box at a right or blow the row number to display a complete cell.

Next, you need to erase the unwanted cell contents. They can clutter your worksheet. You just do this as Home tab-> editing group-> clear-> clear all.

You can also use a CLEAN function. This is actually a command that utilize often while beginning to cleanse the data. It will also remove the non-printable text characters and sometimes it end up as abnormal shapes on your worksheets.

You can use find and replace option. This is one of the most commonly used commands to easily clean up your data in excel table. All you need to do is to simply highlight a specific column or columns that consists of data you wish to clean. For doing excel data cleaning, you can use home tab-> editing group-> find and select.