Australia is the place for unique wildlife, different events, and wide landscapes. You get many opportunities to do or perform in this nation. The place Melbourne is the famous capital of this nation where you can find kangaroos in the wild near Melbourne. There are still many types of things to do in this place as well as explore the attractions.

What are the best attractions to see in Melbourne?

Royal botanic gardens:

You can find royal botanic gardens which is encompassed with two areas Cranbourne and Melbourne. These cover about thirty-eight hectares with about eight thousand five hundred species of plants. There is a garden inside it to encourage the children to come and play in this area. This is the prominent place for having picnic and relieve your stress.

South banks and art center Melbourne:

On yarra river banks, you can find a station with many attractions. The south bank is filled with restaurants, cafes, and many cultural attractions indoors as well as outdoors. There is a center of arts which consists of crafts and it is a home for many events.

Eureka tower:

The eureka tower is present above the ground in the south bank heart. The skyscrapers windows are coated with gold and it shines when the sun rays fall on it. There is a Skydeck where you can stand and view the whole city and enjoy your alone time or time with your family or friends.

Thus, these are some of the attractions which you can see in Melbourne.