If there is crack or default at your home button then it should be repaired immediately. If not we can’t continue our lives normally. There is an option calked LYK mobile phone repair Singapore repair factory at service.

 Though it may be damage due to water or any other problems then this would be our right solution. It is so convenient working with LYK mobile store .the staff over there is so friendly and helps us to solve all our problems in phone. We can drop the phone at store and can take it any time we want to. Based on the service and your locality the LYK mobile are help full to solve your problems at your doorstep itself.


The store is so convenient to help you. As we all know modern devices are so costly and it is so tough to maintain such phones. Don’t worry for such problems you got solution for all your problems at LYK mobile store. Our technicians are always supportive and they deal with cracked screens to water damage and other issues and help us to solve the problems. For such small issues you got to your phone there is no need for you to buy a new phone.

LYK mobile store is located at Singapore and has many branches all over the world.it They got a five star rating for its excellent services. Along with repairs it also has spare parts of iPhone which are not available at any other store.