The main goals and objectives of AKA car rental is to work hard to meet the apex in provision of customer’s services on both long term and short term car renting. Determined to offer affordable and stress free budget car rental services with competitive rates. They believe in providing services that exclusively meet the customers’ needs and satisfaction.  With reasonable rates and the understanding of our customer’s needs, you are guaranteed professional, efficient and quality services. This is what is making it unique from other renting companies in Singapore.

How cost effective are car rental services in Singapore?

The company attempts to attain excellence in their products offering and provide the best prices for those who want to rent with them. Customers on low budget car rental singapore opts for AKA car rental company because their rental rates are cheap and affordable and the customers are provided with well-maintained and clean cars  that offer comfort and reliability. They have rental packages which have been   developed efficiently to meet different driving needs. Customers renting these cars are certain of their safety while on the roads.

They also provide the rental of GPS systems along with their cars to assist those still new to the roads of Singapore. They are well conversant with the trickiness of the roads in Singapore, particularly, for P plates who may need to rent cars in Singapore after acquiring licenses from them.

They also offer car rental services with no deposit required. As long as there is an agreed consent between the renter and the company, then there is no need of owning credit cards for deposit purposes. For those customers who may need to acquire budget car rental Singapore can visit Kaki Bukit and commonwealth drop off and pickup locations. These locations serve east and west of Singapore.