Choosing the right metal is essential in creating components. Why zinc is preferred by most designers?  Its exceptional physical and mechanical properties and cost-effectiveness make it the right choice. In the zinc die casting process, zinc molten is pressured into the mold cavity. With Zinc die casting process can produce the products with more accuracy. The strength and ductility are high in zinc comparing other materials. It is also one of the reasons why zinc is preferred most than others.

Here we see the advantages of custom zinc die casting.

In manufacturing

Zinc die casting is used in several areas in producing innovative, longer-lasting, lightweight, and cost-effective products. It has more advantages than other materials such as aluminium, bronze, plastics, and cast irons.

Produce stronger parts and thinner walls

Zinc alloys are stronger than other metals. It makes possible to produce strong castings with thinner wall and in lesser quantity of material. Aluminium requires more material to produce the same strength castings.

Faster production

The properties of zinc alloys like lower melting point, higher-pressure injection, higher cycle rate, and quick solidifying make it easy to produce more parts in a short time. The cycle rate of zinc is 150-200% percent higher than other materials. It reduces the production cost.

No machining and tighter tolerance

The high tighter tolerances of zinc allow us to produce high-quality components or parts. It does not require any additional expensive machining to increase its precision. Its fluidity is higher than other materials and it is helpful in producing parts in the precise design.

Longer lasting tool

Zinc has a lower melting point and is less abrasive so the zinc mold in zinc die casting can last 10 times longer than an aluminium mold. It saves a lot of money in production.