Property is anything that a person or a business has legal title over. The property consists of all tangible items like cars, land and buildings, appliances. In some areas property also consist of intangible assets like stocks, bonds, etc.

The Best Apartments That One Can Prefer

  • Parc Centre Residences EC: Parc center residence located in the East Region of the island between the Alps Residence and united world college of southeast Asia. The plot land site area is 2.49 hectares with a gross plot of 2.8. this estate consists of plenty of dining options and bars, restaurants, cafes. Also, it is surrounded by beautiful parks. This residence is also friendly for bicycles. It has 23 shopping malls in its neighborhood also this area is considered food heaven. The residence allows 24/7 access to great food.
  • Normanton Park: Normanton Park is located in the Queenstown area, the Central region of the islands. This private residence is bound by Normanton park, Science drive park, and kent ridge park. total plot size is 660,999 square feet approximately with a gross plot size of 2.1. it is near to two health facilities are Alexandra hospital and the national university hospital.
  • The Reef at Kings Dock: The Reef at king’s dock is a luxurious private residence. It is located in the prime estate of district 4, the Core central region of Singapore. It has an excellent waterfront bound by harbor front avenue, Telok Blangah Road, and king’s dock.

Winding Up

The new property launch Singapore offers the best range of property so that it is affordable for everyone. If you want that you also want to own a house or property then you can easily get it as it is now available to everyone.