Science is a compulsory subject in Singapore, beginning in elementary school. Once in high school, students may have the option of studying pure fields of science, such as physics, or merged sciences, which will lead directly to the O-level and A-level examinations. Unfortunately, some students struggle with certain scientific subjects as they progress through Lower Secondary.

Private Physics Tuition:

While your child may struggle to understand a physics concept in school, he or she will struggle even more in Upper Secondary. All your child need is private physics tuition so that the mentor has full focus on the child and the child will also be able to ask queries without hesitation. While discussions outside of school may be beneficial, the instructor may not have had the opportunity to consistently focus on each student. This is where private physics lessons come into play.

What will you get?

  • Their private one-on-one tuition learnings place a strong emphasis on solidifying participants’ understanding of the main Physics concepts.
  • Request information and responses to your queries in an individual with their Chief Physics Mentor at their facility.
  • Organized A-Level Physics Education by Subject Website
  • Unrestricted exercise with questionnaire items and video alternatives.
  • Overall Evaluation Performance.
  • Submit on Personal Evaluation Benchmarking.


Because they provide excellent internet-based customized services, collaborating with them may focus on providing your child with an informal learning environment that appears to be reflective of the school context arrangement that they would have preferred.