Energy drink supplements are a form of caffeine which is added to an energy drink to give it an extra boost. TheĀ best energy drinks are not only used as a mixer with alcoholic drinks, but they can also be taken on their own.

Here are the roles of energy drink supplements in the nightlife and party scenes:

They are used as a mixer for alcoholic drinks

One of the most common ways energy drink supplements are used is to mix them with an alcoholic beverage. They are used as a mixer for alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine and mixed drinks. The drinks including energy drink supplements in the mix help increase their alcohol content.

They can also be consumed on their own

The supplements can be taken on their own, rather than being mixed with other alcohol to increase its alcohol content. Therefore they are not only used in the nightlife scene, but they are also used by students and working professionals as an alternative to caffeine pills or chocolate bars to stay up all night

The main ingredient is caffeine

The main ingredient of energy drink supplements is caffeine and the recommended dosage for an average adult is around 120mg, which is double the amount of caffeine of a regular energy drink.

The amount taken by an individual can vary

An individual can vary the quantity of energy drink supplements they take depending on what they are consuming and how much they have consumed beforehand.

They are available over the counter

Energy drink supplements are available over the counter and do not require a prescription to purchase them, which is one of the main reasons they are so popular. In many cases energy drinks can be hard to find or bought in small amounts and energy drink supplements can help solve this problem.

Drink Supplements

They can be very dangerous

Although they are legal to purchase over the counter, they have side effects such as dehydration and an irregular heartbeat. They can also be extremely dangerous when mixed with alcohol.

They are not expensive

They are usually fairly cheap since they are mass produced and sold over the counter, so anyone can afford to purchase energy drink supplements.

They give a boost of energy

Energy drink supplements provide a boost of energy similar to that of a much larger dose of caffeine than that in a cup of coffee or a tablet. This extra boost helps people stay awake for longer periods of time and helps them catch the adrenaline rush from the nightlife scenes.