The best tandem kayaks for you

Kayaking is a fun and energizing recreational hobby that you can do alone or with one or two partners. These days, the demand for tandem kayaking as a perfect weekend getaway is on the rise and for all the good reasons. Tandem kayaking brings all the benefits and pleasures of kayaking and enhances it with the element of cooperation, bonding and synergy. You can go tandem kayaking with your friends or your better half and be assured that you will grow closer and have a pleasant experience .

Nowadays there are a lot many kinds of tandem kayaks available on the internet as well as sports stores all around the world. If you are in search of best tandem kayaks which are available at a reasonable price range, here are the details of two of the top rated quality tandem kayaks currently accessible in the market.

top rated quality tandem kayaks

Sea Eagle SE370K_P – Inflatable Tandem Kayak

This is an inflatable type of tandem kayak made of top-notch vinyl materials, held together with quality heat welds, so you can be sure that the inflated kayaks are as tough as a wooden board. It has two inflated seating arrangement for a comfortable position while paddling and gives better stability and comfort for the back with a backrest attached to the paddler seats. The flooring is structured as I beam which adds to the structural integrity of the kayak giving the kayak an erect shape and frame. It has additional features including grab handles for control and safety for the paddler, a removable sked that helps in maintaining the direction of motion while paddling and an overall streamlined shape, helping in smooth motion over water.

Ocean Kayak 12-Feet Malibu Two Tandem Kayak

This model considered by many kayaking experts to be the most popular tandem kayak in the market. It is made of High-quality single Layer Polyethylene material which gives it strong structural support and smooth surface which helps in effortless gliding over the water surface. An excellent choice for kayaking on a flat water river, or still lake, the kayak performs equally well on rough waters too. The kayak is built for a maximum capacity of two people plus a child thus ideal for a small family outing on the weekend. The hull and deck are designed to allow easy stacking of multiple hulls if you wish to stack them on the shore. Designed for maximum comfort, the hull shape suits well for any leg size.

Details regarding the different models of kayaks are easily available on the internet which can help you to zero in on the one that fits your requirement.