Eating the right food is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Keeping the body in good shape is an important factor to live longer. With good food habits, you will be well on your way to a better life. This may be easy to say, but sometimes hard to do. For a guide to healthy foods visit

Choosing The Right Food

If you are one of those who picks unhealthy snacks and takeaway foods, you just need to change that habit. These choices of foods might be dangerous to your health. It is way better to stop it and be conscious in your food intake. In doing so, the Glycemic Index will be an essential tool in choosing the right food.

The Healthiack provide the accurate glycemic index. The Glycemic Index serves as the conscious list of foods for a healthy lifestyle. The site offers ranked foods by how they affect the blood sugar level. This will be helpful for you to maintain the sugar level. This can likewise guide you in choosing the right food.

accurate glycemic index

What is a Glycemic Index?

The Glycemic Index (GI) is a system that ranks food based on the sugar level. This is divided into three: The Low-glycemic Index Foods, The Medium-glycemic Index Foods, and The High-glycemic Index Foods.

Glycemic is a number that gives you an idea of how fast your body can turn the carbs in a food into glucose to which a food can have different glycemic numbers. Low-glycemic index food (less than 55) can produce a gradual rise in blood sugar level. Between 55 and 70, food are known as a medium-glycemic index. Food with high-glycemic index (70 and higher) raise the blood sugar levels as well as the insulin levels. This can be a health threat.

The use of Glycemic Index

There are foods that can make your blood sugar rise up. This is common to carbohydrates, especially those that with refined sugar and bread. Your body can easily change these kinds of food into glucose. Yet, having a lot of these can be a threat to your sugar level. You will then have a hard time  controlling your blood sugar level. Thus, the use of glycemic index will be essential for you.

Using the glycemic index, you will know the food that aren’t good for you. You can likewise make use of it as your food daily guide. The glycemic index will provide you with the list of good carbs. Using the glycemic index, you can keep your blood sugar level steady. You can likewise use it to fine-tune your carb-counting.

Based on some research, food that are low in glycemic index prevent diabetes and heart problems. The higher glycemic index is bad for your health. It is way better to switch your food choices. Have a healthy lifestyle. Follow the proper food in the Glycemic index.