Marijuana usage is still not legal in a lot of places. A drug test is mandatory in these places, and even non-users find passing this test stressful. A recreational user can pass drug testing through various detox methods. One of the easiest and most effective methods is to dexotify yourself with detox drinks. Although they do not remove all the THC and metabolites from the urine or bloodstream, they add vitamins and proteins to mask the drugs in the urine sample. There are many detox drinks available in the market today, and here are some of the best among them.

Herbal Clean Qcarbo

A cleansing herbal detox drink, Herbal Clean QCarbo, gets rid of all kinds of drugs and toxins in the body the same day. Its formula is ideal for those individuals with a higher body mass. Shake the bottle before consumption. The detox drink will let you urinate more often during the first hour to expel the toxins. It is not safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Those with gallbladder and kidney diseases should also avoid this detox drink.

Rescue Cleanse

This 32oz cranberry apple flavored detox drink takes effect within an hour to give a clear result for the next five hours. It is ideal because of its quick action time. Avoiding toxins and unnecessary medications for a minimum of two days will yield optimum results. It is also best to consume the drink on an empty stomach. Wait for an hour after consumption, and then urinate as frequently as you can to eliminate all toxins.

Mega Clean Detox Drink

A fast-acting, liquid herbal supplement, Mega Clean Detox Drink eliminates toxins while balancing lost electrolytes. It purifies the urinary, digestive, and circulatory systems. It is effective for up to five hours, with a maximum effect of three hours. It is best to shake the product before consumption. Once you finish the entire bottle, wait for fifteen minutes and refill it with water to drink. It comes in tropical fruit or berry. Although it is a quick and effective solution, it is expensive and not ideal to consume more than once.