Any company reflects the founder’s passion and dedication. A franchise takes more than a million drops of sweat to create. The initial motivation is solely personal, intending to justify their passion. The owners of the hounds town USA franchise are in the same boat. I believe they have a compelling story that will compel you to support their franchise.

Michael S. Gould

When he got cohen among the hundred others, he started as a canine officer. He was appointed to the position in 1982 and has had a successful career as a police officer since then. He was one of the first members of the department to be appointed as the canine unit’s officer. Simultaneously, he discovered his love for dogs.

Mike had such a wonderful time with the dogs that he decided to take the next step and start a franchise that would carry on his passion for them. Mr. Gould opened his first dog boarding center in the year 2001. He had not planned for a long journey, but he decided to reinvest after experiencing immense success and pride from the initial footwork. With the profits and fame he gained, he gradually realized he was on the right track. The founder of the Hounds town franchise had an inspiring story to tell.

Jackie Bondanza

She earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration and communication from the University of Scranton. She went on to have a successful career as a journalist, earning a master’s degree in the process. After completing her practices, she was assigned a daily commute of five hours round trip. Even though she had achieved success and had the potential to go even further, she felt something was missing. She looked into a number of possibilities to locate the missing piece. Destiny led her to her passion; she met Mike at the right time, and the two of them worked together to complement each other’s knowledge and turn the company into a franchise. The franchise has received national acclaim as a result of a collaborative effort.


Regardless, you will arrive at your destination, no matter how or when you arrive. This was a truly inspiring and encouraging story that provided insight into the world of faith and passion. Cheers to the Hounds town USA franchise owners.