Additionally, emotional support animals have some legal rights and safeguards for their owners. Federal statutes prohibit discrimination in the US based on a person’s disability. An ESA owner cannot be refused housing under the Fair Housing Act. The Air Carrier Access Act waives pet costs for emotional support animals so that passengers can fly with them, and it also offers owners advice on size limitations.

Declaring your dog an emotional support animal is insufficient to qualify for these rights. To demonstrate that the animal aids in managing your mental illness, you must obtain a formal emotional support animal letter. But, who can write an esa letter?

Who is Authorized to Write ESA Letters?

An emotional support animal letter can get approved by authorized professionals. Any qualified mental health expert may draught ESA letters stating that your therapy pet is an integral component of your treatment strategy. The complete list of those who can write an esa letter consists of:

  • Primary Care Physician
  • Professional with Licensure in Mental Health (including psychologist, therapist, or psychiatrist)
  • Licensed Therapist
  • Licensed General Physician

What is an ESA Letter?

Certified healthcare professionals writing and signature appear on an official document known as an ESA letter. It suggests including an animal in a person mental health regimen for a mental or emotional problem. The professional who draughts the ESA letter needs to get licensed in the client home state.

The ESA letter needs to be printed on the doctor official letterhead and includes the details listed below:

  • Physician license number
  • License expiration date
  • Letter issued date
  • Physician contact information (The landlord or airline should use this to confirm the letter.)


How to Obtain an ESA Official Letter

More people now have easier access to acquiring an ESA letter thanks to online methods. The idea of emotional support animals has become more widely known because of digital media, which has increased the number of people looking into getting one.

Are Legal Online ESA Letters?

Despite the numerous scam sites that offer phony ESA letters, there are other genuine ways to obtain an ESA letter online.

Counselors and mental health specialists offer remote connection alternatives, just as more medical practitioners are beginning to enable telehealth services. Because it makes getting mental health care more convenient, many patients favor this approach. There is no difficulty with transportation. When communicating with a professional, patients may count on absolute confidentiality. Additionally, they don’t have to go a lot of bother to locate a specific type of service in their area or figure out how to contact them.