Types of Massage

There are several massage techniques, today the massage therapy market is very large and there is a large offer. Sometimes it becomes difficult to understand which massage is most suitable, what benefits to derive from it and who to contact therapeutic massage in Lexington, KY.

In general we can group the types of massage into the following groups:

Massages to drain liquids which are very good for restoring the lymphatic system, make use of a precise and targeted technique and their duration can be even a few hours;

Decontracting massages that are used to dissolve the contractures that form in the muscles therefore use a deeper and more invasive technique where initially you do not feel pleasure but over time you get a great state of well-being;

Sports massages that are used to activate the muscles and the circulatory system in order to help the athlete to face the race in the best way or in the post-race to have a better recovery;

Relaxing massages that give a sense of well-being and psycho-physical relaxation in the very moment in which it is received and makes use of light touch and kneading techniques.

Benefits of massage

Therefore when we talk about the benefits of massage we must be aware that each manual technique or type of treatment brings with it different types of effects on us and on our body.

However, there are some beneficial effects that can be united if not with all, with the majority of massage techniques present today and are mainly due to the type of touch and pressure exerted on specific areas. In general, the beneficial effects of a good massage are:

Healthier and brighter skin;


Relaxation of muscle tension;

Lymphatic stimulation;

Better functioning of the circulatory system;

Decreased stress

Elimination of emotional and energetic blocks;

Improvement of digestion and peristalsis.

Contraindications and areas forbidden to massage

Massage can implicate, in the subsequent trials, the accentuate symptoms:

Current trauma (tissue repair must be awaited);

Critical inflammatory filters ;

Pathologies of the central nervous system (CNS) with spastic evolution (in reality, more correctly, this contraindication is to be referred only to certain manual skills, in particular those that involve an increase in muscle tone).