Wisdom teeth are the teeth that erupt after you attain the age of 18 or above. These are so-called third molars. In adults, these are the last tooth to erupt. These are the tooth which is more prone to cavities due to difficulty in cleaning so extraction is advisable if any cavity is formed at best dentist wisdom tooth extraction singapore for good treatment.

No of wisdom teeth

 There should be a total of 4 third molars for humans in general, but everyone doesn’t need them. Few people, don’t have even a single third molar, whereas in some only one wisdom tooth may erupt in others only 2 wisdom teeth can erupt out of 4 and in some other people 3 third molars may be present. There is no issue in having even zero third molars, it doesn’t affect in any way.

Third molars eruption based on space availability

These third molars while erupting, if sufficient space is available they happily come out and fixes in a position and even it can be useful for masticatory function. But for some people due to short jaw, their space may not be available for the tooth to erupt completely and they may partially erupt, and some may not even try to erupt and gets embedded in the bone.

Chances of growth direction of third molars

  • Either towards the before lying teeth I.e, the second molar
  • Either away from the second molar I.e towards the backside of the mouth
  • It may either grow inside the bone-forming a right angle with the existing teeth in the jaw.
  • It may grow in any direction but within the bone and it won’t show up in the oral cavity.

Knowing the basics of wisdom teeth is important for everyone, so that it may be helpful for everyone in their life when they encounter problem-related with third molars.